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Dr. Ajay D
Dr. Ajay Dadhich
Dr. Karunanidhi Sharma

Our Story

We have started learning Ayurveda through books and in structured form of a professional course from 2009. Dueing this course we relaised that we people are practcining Ayurveda in our daily life in various ways unknowingly. But at the same some of thing are correct and some are incorrect also. At the same times there are a lot of myths are also in mind of a person.

We felt that its a need to time to start a platform from where people may know what Ayurveda is, what are the right practices and how they are beneficial to us. So in 2020 we started this platform where we will do our best to spread the Ayurveda in right way among you and the journey is going on……

Meet Our strength

Our team and our audience is our strength, which always motivate us to deliver best from us.

Dr. G. P. Kimothi

Medicinal plant expert, having more than 30 years of working experince. 

Dr. Nandeesh J Vaidya

Assistant Professor, Department  of Samhita and Siddhant, Ayurveda


Technology and content designer.