Precise Ayurveda

Learn, practice & feel Ayurveda

Authentic Ayurveda

A platform to get actual and factual Ayurveda.

Dedicated team

Team Precise Ayurveda is totally devoted to learn and enjoy real Ayurveda with you.

Effortless Learning

Learn in the language that you can understand.

A platform to know actual Ayurveda in very easy and comprehensive way

We will provide the Ayurveda in language that you use to talk, which makes it very easy to understand this ancient science of life.

Here we can learn together

We are here with you to help each and every person, who wants to learn this scientific, ancient science of healthy life and feel this incomparable, inimitable experience of Ayurveda.

We, the Precise Ayurveda team members are learners of Ayurveda. We have got training and experience from top institutes of the country, some of the most sophisticated industries. We had to have the oppertunities to blessed from some highly knowledged Guru (teachers) with their priceless knowledge. We have started this platform to spread and share this nector of knowledge.

We don’t do very poetic or ornamental talks, which sounds good but how much it is understood, questionable. We will present Ayurveda in way that you will joyful and comfortable as you are talking to some and learn it very easily and quickly.  

You can keep connected with us through our website, you tube channel and other social media handles like Facebook, Instagram, Telegram etc. for updates.

Team Precise Ayurveda

Dr. Karunanidhi Sharma
Dr. Karunanidhi Sharma Vaidya
M.D. (Rasashastra & Bhaishajya Kalpana- Ayurveda)
Dr. Ajay D
Dr. Ajay Dadhich Vaidya
B.A.M.S.,M. Sc. (Yoga),
Community Health expert
Dr. G. P. Kimothi
Ph.D. (Botany),
Medicinal plants expert
Dr. Nandeesh J Vaidya
M.D. (Samhita- Siddhant- Ayurveda)
Assistant Professor
Tech & Content Design.